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Hello I am a past student of Shrishti Group of schools.I loved the days I enjoyed in my school.Shrishti Schools is one of the best ranked schools in TamilNadu and even in India.And as a Dedication to my school Shrishti I have Created this blog to share some nice information about my School and to stay in contact with my friends and with Shrishtians. Many of Shrishtians (Shrishti students are called as Shrishtians) may be wondering the way to stay in contact with their friends ,and for them this site is the way to it.And For those who are looking for some useful information about Shrishti schools, vellore you can get it here.And for the present Shrishtians you can wish your friends a Good luck in their exams and let the world know it.You could also share the information that you know about our school Shrishti.You have the rights to share anything about academics your sports career ,Extra curricular activities and your experiences with our school here .This isn't a website its a blog so get going with your thoughts share anything about Shrishti School if you are a student of any other school just share about it.


  • Vice Principal Matric

    Shrishti School Vice Principal
    Most of the time when our principal and correspondent are busy in their work, Its our Vice Principal Mrs. Esther Banu David who takes care of stuff. She is strict and honest women. She does her duty to the best of her capability. She is in charge of both physical and academic department of the school. She is the leader of the teachers of our school. Whenever a student has a problem academically the first person to reach is our Vice Principal.

    She is the one who declares all the activities of the school,Schedules exams and all programs.She is the best Vice Principal.


  • The Principal Matric

    Shrishti Matric Principal
    Take a look at the Principal of Shrishti Matric Higher Secondary School Mrs.Ananthi Rajendiran. Her face shows a streak of intelligence .Yes she is the partner of our correspondent both in Business and in life too.

    Similar to the correspondent she too is motivating and inspiring. She always used to motivate us to aim high through her saying “Let’s Aim For The Stars So That We Could Atleast Reach The moon”.Wow what a word. She is unique in her style of speech and is less to none in the field of education.

    She is the one who gives advice to all students. All members of the school respect her.She plays a major role in the development of the school in the field of education.

  • The Correspondent

    Shrishti School Correspondent
    Mr.Rajendiran is the reason why Shrishti schools has become the No.1 in a very short time .He is very polite, kind and gentle. He encourages all the students to come up in life. He is the Face of Shrishti. He is a good educationalist .He is well experienced and clever.

    All Students of my school respect him. He is the one behind the success of Shrishti. He is very choosy about the students and teachers. He chooses only the best of all.

    He constantly strives hard to make our school the best in the Nation. His speech is very mesmerizing. He respects all the students and parents. Even as he is older than 45 he is still younger in his heart. Mr.Rajendiran is one of the most respected people in vellore. He out stands others through his intelligence and his unmatched fame in vellore.

    Mr.Manu Makhija did a good job by choosing him as the correspondent of the school.I swear that No one could have improved that school in a very short time of 2 years.

  • School Contact Details


    Shrishti Contact Details

    Shrishti School Official Website : www. Shrishti .org  (Do Not Visit without appropriate Antivirus as it contains some malicious codes and viruses)

    Shrishti Matric Hr.Sec.School

                             Address : Shrishti Matric Hr.Sec.School 
                                            Katpadi-Ranipet Road (Next to VIT)
                 Phone Numbers : 0416-2246784 , 0416-2246785  Fax : 0416-2240243
                                    Email : matric@shrishti.org

    Shrishti Vidhyashram CBSE Senior Secondary School
                        Address : Shrishti Vidhyashram CBSE Senior Secondary School
                                            Katpadi-Ranipet Road (Next to VIT)
                Phone Numbers : 0416-2246784 , 0416-2246785 Fax : 0416-2240243

                             Email : vidyashram@shrishti.org

    For Location Of The School Refer to The Location Map.

  • Kadavul Vazhthu

    இராகம்: கேதாரம்
    தளம்: ஆதி

    சகல கல வா ,,,,,,,,, ! ணீ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,யே ! சரணம் தாயே !!
    சங்கீத வீ ,,,,,,,,,,, ணா ! வா ! ணீயே ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!
    (சகல கலா  வா ! ணீ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,யே )

    இகமும் பரமும் நல்ல ! சுகம் அளிக் ! கும் கல்வி !! (2)
    எங்களுக் கருள்வாய் ! மங்கள ! செல்வியே (2)
    சகல கலா வா ! ணீ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,யே !


    அறம் பொருள் இன்பமும் ! ஆற்றலும் ! ஆயுளும் !!
    ஆத்ம ஞானமும் ! பூத்து புகழ் ! சிறந்த !!


    திறம் பெற்ற வீரராய் !  திருவுடை ! தீரராய் !! (2)
    தேசநலம் பெருகும் ! திவ்ய வரம் !  தருவாய் (2)


  • Shrishti School Song

    The most respected school song that every Shrishti student sings during assembly,
    School Motto: LEARN TO LEAD

    1. Shrishti students learn to lead; we are learning every day.......
        Everyday I'll learn and grow, throughout all my life.
        Daily I can face each challenge, Shrishti students face each challenge...
        Daily I can face each challenge, throughout all my life.

    2. We respect all faiths and people; we respect each way of living.......
        We rejoice in differences, that is the Shrishti way.
        I am special! You are special! Every person is unique.......
        I am special! You are special! Isn't that just great!

    3. Serving people,Serving people; Shrishti students help all people,
        Joyfully I'll help all people, throughout all my life......
        Caring for my family; caring for my country,India,
        Caring for the earth and sky, I'll care throughout my life...........

    4. Shrishti School! Shrishti School! Shrishti School leads us to learn,
        Shrishti School! Shrishti School! We shall learn to lead.........
        Circle round, go wider, farther; lead to serve the whole wide earth,
        Shrishti students ! Shrishti students ! Learn to lead the World!

    This song was written and composed by
    Ms.Barbara Isley                  

    Was this song nice and patriotic. 


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