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Hello I am a past student of Shrishti Group of schools.I loved the days I enjoyed in my school.Shrishti Schools is one of the best ranked schools in TamilNadu and even in India.And as a Dedication to my school Shrishti I have Created this blog to share some nice information about my School and to stay in contact with my friends and with Shrishtians. Many of Shrishtians (Shrishti students are called as Shrishtians) may be wondering the way to stay in contact with their friends ,and for them this site is the way to it.And For those who are looking for some useful information about Shrishti schools, vellore you can get it here.And for the present Shrishtians you can wish your friends a Good luck in their exams and let the world know it.You could also share the information that you know about our school Shrishti.You have the rights to share anything about academics your sports career ,Extra curricular activities and your experiences with our school here .This isn't a website its a blog so get going with your thoughts share anything about Shrishti School if you are a student of any other school just share about it.


  • School Rules and Regulations

    The following are the rules and regulations that are to be followed in Shrishti Matric and CBSE Vidhyashram Schools.

    1.These guidelines are actually given in the Hand book of Shrishti Schools.

    2.The Handbook must be brought to school everyday.

    3.Check the Handbook daily for Homework,special notices or circulars.Remarks made in the handbook should be seen and countersigned regularly.

    4.Time Table and portions for term exams and unit tests will be photo copied and given to the children fifteen days earlier for std I to V. For stds VI to XII the same will be put up on the class notice board fifteen days earlier. The children should should copy it in the space provided in the hand book and obtain the parent's signature by the next day.

    5.Report cards will be sent at regular intervals. Parents must note the weaknesses of the student and take necessary steps to improve his or her performance.Report cards must be signed in and returned within two days.

    6.Circulars should be read carefully,file and kept for future reference.

    7.Instruct your child to enclose all the circulars in his/her handbook so that you will not miss any of it.In case your child is absent from school chaeck with other parents of the same std. and Sec. for any circular. given by the teacher,so that you will not miss any important details like bus timings.



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